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Why Order from Us?

The Benefits of Local Foods

You may be asking yourself, ‘why should I bother ordering local produce when the supermarket is so close?’. This is a valid question, however, once you take a deeper look at the issue, many reasons become evident. Purchasing locally sourced produce not only supports local farmers and their families, the environment, the local economy but it also brings several benefits for yourself.


Unlike large supermarket chains, we pick our produce according to the orders we receive, at the time we receive them. We pick our produce when it is at its peak ripeness, leading to each bite you take being fresh, replenishing and bursting with flavour.


As there is a shorter time between the time of harvest and your table (compared to supermarkets), it is less likely that the nutrient value of your produce has decreased.

As food is imported and transported around Australia, it spends a lot of its time in distribution centres. All this time adds up and by the time the produce has made it into your bag, the produce has experienced a significant drop in its nutrient values.


Buying local helps the money you spend to stay close to home, which supports local farming families, which in turn allows your money to be reinvested into businesses in and around your community. This locally invested money also circulates to the regional economy which supports jobs and other communities.


By sourcing your fresh produce from local farmers and businesses, you are playing an important role in supporting and maintaining farmland and green spaces around your community. By supporting these green spaces, you are also providing a habitat for local wildlife and maintaining the ecosystem. Local produce also yields less pollution and waste due to its lack of processing, packaging and lengthy transportation.

Safer Food Supply

Using local produce reduces the number of steps between you and the food’s source, which as a result reduces the chance of contamination. As food is transported from farms to quality control centres to distribution centres to trucks and then to supermarkets, a lot of handling occurs, which can lead to food safety issues. Buying local reduces all the risk by limiting handling solely to us and you, allowing you to rest easy knowing that there are no nasties hidden inside what you have bought.

Buying local also reduces the stigma around a slightly imperfect piece of produce. Rather than modifying and manipulating our produce, we grow our crops for their taste. Our produce is more genetically diverse and is less reliant on packaging (and the fossil fuels that producing it require).


If you have any questions about your produce such as, ‘how it was grown?’ or ‘where did it come from?’, we will be able to provide you with an answer. This is a benefit that only buying local has. It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about farming practices and developing connections to your food.

By substituting in local produce for supermarket-bought goods, you are supporting the many benefits of locally grown food and encouraging the trend to continue.

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